Universal concept, stunning bottle, and quality notes make
Love, The Key To Life
the most captivating new fragrance.

Eau de Parfum, 26.3% essential oils, 1.7 fl. oz. / 50 ml.



This enchanting new fragrance will not disappoint.
A richly blended bouquet of floral and spice
uniquely manifests itself on all skin types.

Modern. Classic. Floriental.
Fresh and Sensual.
Surprisingly Sexy.


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Evocative of the Ankh's elegant shape, the bottle is artistically rendered in fluted glass, with sweeping forms unfolding from either side of the crossbar and the top loop creating an exquisite cap. This stunning sculptural creation reflects the richness, sophistication, and innovation of this must-have modern fragrance. Resting on a pedestal and encased in a gleaming black lacquer box with touches of opulent gold, the luxurious fragrance that holds the "key to life" awaits your discovery.

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18th Dynasty Ankh from the reign of Amenhotep II
made of wood


The Ankh, known as the "key of life" and the ancient symbol of eternal existence, inspired this alluring new fragrance, which promises that love is the key to a beautiful, sensual and everlasting life. The logo artfully establishes the connection between this coveted symbol and love, the most powerful and transcendent emotion. Like love, the fragrance is both universally appealing and unique.

The signature scent with its innovative combination of high-end notes gently unfolds on each wearer to create a richly intimate and personal aroma. Love, The Key to Life, a present-day classic, is as exhilarating and timeless as a first kiss.

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Pull cap straight up. Do not pull side to side. This will only dislodge the pump.

Do not rub the perfume into your skin - this will only bruise or smudge its effect and crush the delicate notes it is ready to reveal to you.

Let the perfume settle and dry a little before you smell it.

The top notes (the ones you first smell) are very volatile and strong, but will shortly fade and give way to the middle notes at the heart of the perfume.

It's the combination of these top and middle notes that give you its message.

Later on, the bottom notes will emerge and give you an indication of perfume's depth and staying power. Inhale deeply - it's quite impressive.

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18th Dynasty Ankh from the reign of Amenhotep II
made of wood


Pulse points: heart, neck, inside the wrists, behind the ears and knees.

The V in your collarbone, between your breast, inside of your elbows, temples and along the hairline are also good vantage points.

Spray directly to skin. Never apply right after a bath or shower...wait and let your body replenish the natural oils that embrace the scent.

Try dabbing or spraying the fragrance onto little wads of cotton and placing them in your bra, a pocket or in your purse, or even dabbing them along your arms and legs.

Spray the fragrance in front of you, walk through it, let it settle all over you.

Spritz your brush or comb and then run it through your hair.

Perfume your closet by spraying at the bottom, letting the fragrance rise.

And, by all means, don't be afraid to apply your perfume confidently.

To preserve your fragrance keep in a dark, cool place.

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